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There's a series of 19th century impressionist paintings called "Italian Light" 

by the French artist Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. In these compositions he uses a 

mixture of sunlight and Italian Architecture to convey a deep sense of Warmth.

The sensation of warmth in these paintings are enhanced by the way the buildings 

and houses are covered with yellow-ocre paint.


We know that light is just a combination of small particles and waves. but in

our minds, we have the illusion that sunlight looks different in different

locations and also according to the various seasons.


Artist John Sloan, a turn of the century New York artist in his paintings captured

the way light reflects off the windows of urban buildings, which in turn reflect off 

other buildings, and so on. His paintings conveyed that same sensation of warmth.


In a sense, I'm trying to capture something similar, but using the cubist style.

Actually I consider my style "Neo Cubism" because I use only elements of cubism, 

such as breaking up the background sky in various angles. This is not a new 

technique but what I'm attempting to accomplish is giving an old method a twenty first century spin.


I hope you enjoy the website, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Richard McMurry

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