All through my productive years I have worked in many diverse media, the most central being oil painting, but also drawing in pencil or ink, many watercolors, acrylics, and constructions. It is through the constructions that I made use of the craftsmanship I developed building model airplanes.

I am also very interested in etching and had my own press, which I used to produce over 30 copper plates and hundreds of etchings. I currently work in etchings, and am printing from my entire collection.

Many of my works were paper collages – all very abstract in structure.


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Oil Paintings

"O'neill Butte and Vicinity" Oil on canvas (1999) 43" x 63" (Price: $14,000)



"Painted Desert" Oil on canvas (1996) 44" x 32" (Price: $4,500)



"Elysian Plain" Oil on canvas (2000) 36" x 48" (Price:$2,800)



"Tenuous Nexus" Acrylic on linen (1977) 66" x 46"(Price: $2,800)



"Blue Mosaic" Oil on canvas (1953) 20" x 30" (Sold to Duncan Phillips 1957 as part of the Phillips Collection)



"Composition" Acrylic on canvas (2001) 24" x 36"(Price: $800)



"Black Field" Acrylic on linen (2001) 36" x 48"(Price: $2,800)



"Ankh" Acrylic on canvas (1967) 66" x 46"(Price: $2,200)